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      GHZ Series Plastic & Chemical Fiber Recycle & Granulating M
      Detailed instructions
      GHZ Series Plastic & Chemical Fiber Recycle & Granulating Machine has introduced technique from both home and abroad. It can be used for disposal of thermal plastic film, soft PVC, chemical fiber waste filament, etc. It has solved the problem of regenerating and utilizing of waste material which is occurred during processing of finished products. It can greatly reduce production cost and increase economic benefit. It can be used for granulating and blending of polypropylene, polythene, PVC, polyester, acrylic, polyamide, and soft quality pipe, film, filament, slice, strip, packages, etc. It is a kind of ideal disposal equipment for offal material recycle and granulating which may lead to reproduction.

      Model GHZ-300 GHZ-450 GHZ-600
      Pot body volume 300 450 600
      Effective capacity 200 350 450
      Rotary Bldes Qty 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
      Fixed Blades Qty 6 pcs 8 pcs 8 pcs
      Rotary cutter rotation 950 r/min 950 r/min 950 r/min
      Mechanical power 55KW/75KW 90KW 110KW
      Outline dimension 2000X1100X1800 2350X1250X1950 2350X1250X1950
      Output 6 T/Day 8 T/Day 12 T/Day
      Weight 2.2T 2.8T 3.8T
      Revision right reserved
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